Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Associates is proud to include a Clinical Research Department.

The purpose of this department is to further the advancement of allergy/asthma medications through the completion of controlled clinical trials conducted while maintaining utmost regard for the health and safety of the participants.  It is only through this type of research that new and more effective medications are achieved.  The research trials are conducted under the direct supervision and management of Dr. Michael Manning, Dr. Aaron Davis and our Family Nurse Practitioner, Jean Nelson.  Our research department has been directly involved with the clinical trials leading to FDA approval of such medications as Azmacort, Advair, Singulair, Allegra, Flonase and Xolair.

Typical Asthma trial participants are mild to moderate asthmatics between the ages of 18 and 65.  Allergy trial participants are generally required to have had allergy symptoms for two prior seasons and skin prick testing within the prior 12 months.  All participants must be in reasonably good health and must not be pregnant or have plans to become so.

Drug study participants are well compensated for their involvement and receive free health care assessment and study medications while in the clinical trials.  If you are interested in more information on our Research Department, please phone (480) 675-8982 and ask to speak with Laurie or Tom.  They will be happy to give details regarding the current research studies and how you might qualify.  We encourage all patients to become involved with the advancement of medicine and improvement of health.

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