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Food Allergy Institute of Arizona


The Newest Food Allergy Treatment


OIT program  OIT program  OIT program


For some patients, food allergies are not just inconvenient. They can be fatal. For these patients, avoidance has been the only treatment to these serious food allergies. Not anymore.

A Patients Journey through the Food Allergy Institute



The Newest Food Allergy Treatment


What to Expect on Day 1


What to Expect at Updose Appointments


Life After the Program is Complete


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Our Providers are the most experienced OIT Allergists in Arizona and are here to help you, your children and loved ones live more safely, while enjoying foods you have been avoiding. Contact us today to see if your food intolerances can be treated with OIT.




OIT: Stretching Food Tolerance

Although the concept has been studied for a century, the first Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) sessions were offered in 2009. The idea is simple: The body lowers its response to the allergen by ingesting it regularly in incrementally higher doses. Following the treatment, the majority of patients are able to enjoy the item again for months or years.

A Matter of Milligrams

While simple in theory, OIT requires extreme expertise in practice in order to judge proper oral dosing and to conduct accurate testing over the six to12 months of treatment. With OIT, mistakes can be dangerous, which is why patients should work only with an Allergist experienced in OIT and certified by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology.


photo of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Associates, LTD

Meet Amy Schyler, RN,
Food Allergy Institute Director

Amy has been a registered nurse since 2008. She spent most of her career as NICU nurse but transitioned to allergy in 20221. Amy has a passion for helping families navigate their personal food allergy journey with their providers. Amy is from the great state of Indiana and is the proud mother of two sons.

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