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Allergies 101


What Are Allergies?

You are not alone. Fifty-million Americans have allergy, asthma or related conditions. But what exactly is an allergy? Simply put, an allergic reaction happens when your body defends against environmental substances, such as pollen. Reactions are your body’s attempt to expel an enemy that, in fact, isn’t really harmful. The best allergists determine the exact triggers for your allergies and develop a custom plan to get you feeling like your old self again.

When to See an Allergist

If your nose runs, your eyes water and your throat scratches longer than a typical cold, it’s time to see an allergy specialist. More seriously, if you have symptoms involving breathing, sinus pain, itching, swelling, reddening or food-related discomfort, now’s the time to see us. Even if you’ve “never had allergies,” it’s possible to develop them over time.

Why See a Specialist?

While your general practitioner could treat your symptoms, an allergist provides the best treatment. Our allergy specialists have completed six years of training beyond medical school, stay current with the latest treatments and research, and develop a personalized plan that adapts to your needs.



Knowing the pollen count in Phoenix, Scottsdale – or anywhere – can help you to see how you could be affected by pollen levels.

To see pollen counts, visit or In addition, if you want more pollen information, our very own Linda Sirois, RN, CCRC, is the only certified pollen counter in Maricopa County.

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